14 and 17 year old dating

I did warn my now son-in-law that I would have serious words if he ever overstepped the mark with DD3 - tongue in cheek, but he got the message! I think it entirely depends on the individuals concerned.

If he is an unworldly 17 year old and she is mature, three years isn't a big difference.

Perhaps discuss contraception and STDs with your dd (I.e. You need to watch out that she doesn't use this relationship to fill the void of friends.

You won't be able to stop them seeing one another; they will do stuff behind your back if they're into each other, so always be mindful. We're still together 14y later Just read that your dd has had friendship issues at school.

The hosts of the channel and web forums and other guests assist you with problems or questions that you may have regarding relationships and other socially oriented questions.

They will continue this relationship with or without your approval / knowledge.

Much much safer then for it to be conducted right under your nose and keep the dialogue with your DD open so she feels she can talk to you about it if things go wrong.

I'm not sure I agree with the posters saying that this is a normal age gap at this age.

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The way she talks you would think she was 16 and she looks older than she is. I will be moving into year 13 while she is starting year 10.

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