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Ferdinand Magellan sails around the world - Leaving with five ships, only one returned.Magellan was killed in route, only 18 men returned.He surpassed John XII in evil deeds and his crimes included the robbing of graves.He sold the office of Pope for 1,000 pounds of silver. The English king, Richard the Lionhearted, joined his French and German counterparts to lead what is remembered as the Crusade of Kings.The voyage proved once and for all the world is round. While the protestant reformation began to spread throughout most of Europe, the Roman Catholic church realized that internal reform was necessary to counter the rise of Protestantism.The council stated the following: * Martin Luther's justification by faith alone was incorrect.Many as Fifty were killed and buried together, because of the multitudes that were slaughtered.

Several thousand French and German children marched toward the Mediterranean Sea expecting God to open the sea as he did for Moses. Those who managed to make it to the sea were tricked by sailors and became slaves. Early morning on the 15th of June, a group of English noblemen and clergy met King John on the meadow of Runnymede near London.that taught that that Jesus Christ was not divine but a created being. Known for his preaching of sin in high places as well as low. This council considered the 27 books of the New Testament as the final completion of the Holy Scriptures.Among the books that rejected were: the Gospel of Thomas and Phillip, the Epistle of Barnabas, and the Acts of John.This institution sought out heresy rather than waiting for it to emerge.By 1908 this institution was responsible for the murder of 68 million Jews and Christians.

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