Abusers intimidating animals

It's not uncommon to see people walk in the other direction when they face a big biker with a ton of tattoos. that is until they find out that this very biker belongs to a gang that has saved numerous animals in the US.

They believed that animal abuse is just the beginning for those who take their insecurities and problems out on others.

Some of the bikers even had to deal with people who tried to poison a group of homeless cats. If they found pet owners who were negligent, the bikers would build a dog house or do something to help.

In fact, one of the members spent one and a half weeks carrying around a small kitten everywhere because it needed to be fed every few hours.

• More than a dozen studies have reported that from 18% to 48% of women entering shelters delayed their escape due to concerns for the welfare of pets or even livestock left behind.

In 2011, Minnesota District Courts handled 27,288 domestic violence cases ( What other facts exist linking animal abuse and violent crimes?

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• Seven of the school shootings that occurred between 19 involved shooters who had previously tortured or killed animals.

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