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A q table is essentially a collection of named columns implemented as a dictionary.

Consequently, q tables are column-oriented, in contrast to the row-oriented tables in relational databases.

If the data is important, you may be able to link to an older backup (File | Get External | Link in Access 95 - 2003; External Data | Import in Access 20), create a query joining the current and older copy on the primary key, and then change it to an Update query to update the now blank memo field with the contents of the old one. When you compact/repair a database, Access rebuilds the indexes.

If the strange characters appear only in the query, not when you view the table, this is not a corruption. If it discovers data the violates the index (such as duplicate values in a unique index or primary key), it drops the index.

This article may help if your database is already corrupt.

With a bit of luck, you may be able to import these from a previous backup. To address this: In obstinate cases, you may need to recreate the tables programmatically. If this persists after restarting your computer, the table or its index is corrupt. If that does not solve the problem: Again, programmatic re-creation may help. Close Set db Bad = Nothing End Sub Dirk Goldgar (Microsoft Access MVP) traced this problem back to faulty entries in the MSys Access Objects table.

To find the problem records, use the Find Duplicates Query Wizard (first dialog when you create a new query.) You can then delete the bad records, and mark the field as primary key again.

If a relation was dropped, use the Find Unmatched Query Wizard to identify the bad records in the related query.

Access uses a pointer to another location for the data in large fields (memo, hyperlink, or OLE Object). He reports that the problem can be solved by deleting the faulty entries, and creating a valid primary key.

If the pointer is written incorrectly, the field displays garbage. Download his solution from or use the use the code (at right) like this: This corruption of the MSys Objects table occurs in Jet 3.x (Acc 95 or 97).

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