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Her productivity went down dramatically, and she soon began to adversely affect morale on her team.

When the problem became inter-departmental, we were brought in to help heal relationships and restore balance.

The most widely used tool for this is a conflict style inventory, typically a short questionnaire filled out by a user, with interpretation of the scores given in writing or by an instructor. Print Experiencing Intercultural Communication Craig, Grace and Dunn, Wendy.

The point is not to categorize the user, but rather to give him or her a framework in which to assess responses and options.

Conflict style inventories include the Thomas Kilmann Understanding Human Development Martin, Judith and Nakayama, Thomas.

During times of crisis, people almost universally reach out to help their neighbors, friends, colleagues -- even total strangers. Too much accommodation in the workplace can trigger problems, however, resulting in conflict that can quickly spread through an organization.

Her manager was not intimately familiar with the nuances of database administration, and thus would often make requests that she felt were unreasonable.

But instead of informing the manager that certain tasks would require greater time, she took the approach of working long hours. The DBA became increasingly frustrated, then downright angry.

The research work of Kenneth Thomas and Ralph Kilmann in the 1970s led to the identification of five styles of conflict and the development of a widely used self-assessment called the Thomas Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument, or TKI.

Their work suggested that we all have a preferred way to deal with conflict which serves us well in some situations, but not all.

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During discussions with the one DBA, she admitted that she simply hadn't considered other options plausible.

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