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We did combo parties - so we didn't go by that rule - but screw it.

Unless you are close to the whole class, don't invite them!

I don't think it's reasonable to expect each party-goer to have a parent chaperone if you are not also able to accommodate some siblings.

There are many families with single parents, or where one parent must travel a lot, or work weekends, etc.

The KZAM staff pay attention to every detail and make sure everyone is served hot pizza with a smile.

Would you really expect a parent to hire a babysitter for the invited child's sibling(s) so they can attend your kid's party? If you cant chaperone your kid to someone's party without hauling along your other 4 kids, just send your regrets.

Nobody should have to accommodate anyone they don't want to.

Parties continue in the KZAM Event Room outfitted with a DJ, lighting, quality acoustics and a gaga ball pit.

The DJ and MC run the activities with the preferences of the birthday child always in mind.

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