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Updated July 12, 2019 The internet brings people together; there is no doubt about that.

Never before have people on opposite ends of the globe been able to speak to one another as if they were side by side.

They will either pose as a child who wants a romantic relationship with a peer or simply a friendly adult who wishes to gain a child's trust.

Catfishers are known to steal pictures of other people to hide their true identity.

If you are particularly sensitive to the thoughts of others, you should not spend a lot of time chatting with random strangers online.

Although the insults are not spoken face to face, they can have a lasting effect.

No matter how convincing the cries for help, these are usually just an attempt to get you to confess private information.

As a general rule, avoid anyone asking for money, anyone who is promising you will make money quickly, and anyone who reaches out to you with an unexpected check or job offer.

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It is better to offend chat strangers who actually do need help, than risk your financial stability.

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