Am i dating a controlling man

If you take an unreasonably long time to return a text, or a call, perhaps an apology is in order, but only if it's an unreasonably long time.If he's mad because he has nothing better to do than sit on the edge of his seat and wait for your call, that's not your problem.3) Friends are for sharing. Let him know he's welcome.4) Surprise him from time to time.However, it is important to maintain your individuality.

A controlling partner may often question your actions and not take your word at face value.

If you do not arrive on time for a scheduled meeting, he can become angry very quickly.

A controlling man may begin to tell you which clothes you should and should not wear.

The earlier you nip this kind of behavior in the bud, the better.

If you have to repeatedly set him straight, it could be one of those problems that isn't up to you to correct, but up to him.__While being reasonable, and polite, make it clear that your phone is there for your convenience, not so that he can keep track of you.

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