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The Halle (Saale) Administrative Authority offers the possibility of electronic communication.

In accordance with the Administrative Procedures Act § 3 a Vw Vf G.

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Emails with commercial intent (spam) are also rejected.the authority provides restricted access on the following terms: The transmission of electronic documents to the Halle (Saale) Administrative Authority has been made possible for simple informal means of correspondence. There are a number of email addresses available for this form of communication, among others the central email address belonging to the Citizen’s Office [email protected] and documents, which according to the law are required in written form, for example, objections or formal applications, are not effective if send per email.The following new command line parameters are now available: -o tls=auto This is the default, TLS will be used if possible.-o tls=yes Use this to require TLS for message delivery. If TLS is giving strange errors, try upgrading the Net:: SSLeay and IO:: Socket:: SSL perl modules.

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