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The bikes cost around ,600 and went to employees with over 1,000 hours of work logged with the company, owned by Alex and Danielle Amarotico.

“It’s awesome to work for a company that’s so interested in sustainability,” one waitress and college student said.

Whole Foods Market requires voluminous paperwork, and one local farmer spent six weeks this summer getting heirloom tomatoes into their stores.

Roundabout Farm’s Megan Weary said that’s “six weeks I could have been selling them tomatoes.” Weary added the Hub consolidated deliveries as well as the time it took to build relationships with bigger buyers.

5,000 was drawn from local foundations and individuals and Collier started the nonprofit.

Local farmers like Down Branch Farm’s Dick Proutt were sold on the idea of delivering to a single market rather than sitting all day at a farmer’s market. Larger farmers too can focus on farming rather than marketing and delivering.Still, prices of national distributors can’t be beat.At the peak of the season, zucchini can be bought for as little as 40 cents per pound in volume, while the Hub’s fair price is 94 cents a pound.Volume providers can afford to wash, chop and bag produce.Organizations like the Hub provide only the distribution, the buyer preps the produce.

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