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By monitoring both user input and user behavior, AI in dating applications truly gets to know the most holistic version of the user.It goes beyond the user’s own notion of themself to reveal truths about the type of partner they are really looking for.Bumble’s AI program takes into account user preferences as well as sign compatibility when presenting a potential partner to its user.Matching zodiac signs is another instance of dating app technology working with user data to create the most compatible matches.All dating applications ask the user for multiple levels of preferences in a partner, personality traits, and preferred hobbies, which raises the question: How do dating sites use this data?On the surface, it seems that they simply use this data to assist users in finding the best possible potential partner.The AI in dating apps aims to reconcile a user’s idealized version of a potential partner with the reality of the types of profiles they like.

In many cultures across the globe, astrological signs have been and continue to be used to measure the compatibility of a couple.Ok Cupid would then present the user with potential partners who are moderately messy looking for people who are very messy.The algorithm goes one step further than simple response based matching, it ranks the importance of each trait to pair users as well.When filling out a profile for this dating app, users can respond to an extensive questionnaire about their personal traits as well as the traits they are looking for in a partner.For example, someone could report that they are very messy and looking for someone moderately messy.

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Until very recently, smartphone dating apps like Tinder left the task of asking someone out and making a date go well to people who were using the app.

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  1. Andre mentions how most Hogwarts students start dating in their fourth year, and if players have a high enough Empathy level, they can even ask for Andre's help with getting a date.

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