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In the Southeast Asia countries, the legal stances are not clear and causes issues when trying to create effective public policies or programs for the industry.Sex industry in the Southeast Asia, has created complex health threats.The long term affect are infertility, cancer and death.Another health concern associated with commercial sex work is increase of mental health diseases, such as depression, substance abuse, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).The countries government authorities collect substantial revenues in the areas where sex industry is thriving.In this area, they illegal receive money as bribes, but legally from licensing fees and taxes on the hotels, bars and restaurants that participate in this industry.Thailand’s health service and policies have not successful reached the undocumented sex workers.This is a concern for the Thai government because of the large proportion of women in the Thai sex industry are from Burma.

Average monthly earnings in the middle range were estimated at around US0 monthly and US0 at the low end (“Sex Industry assuming massive proportions in Southeast Asia”, 2).According to reports from International Labor Organization, in spite of Asia’s economic crisis, the sex industry wont be slowing down because of the economic and social forces.This industry wont even be affected in regions with high unemployment levels.In 1997, it unofficial estimate of sex workers was between 200,000 to 300,000.There are also ten of thousands of Thai women working in other countries as commercial sex worker.

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