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If you do that and take the advice from this post you can certainly start to make more things happen.

Like most women, Markina and Griswold are no strangers to the repetitive hassles of menstruation.

"We wanted to create a space where women have—in a fun and interesting and relevant way—information that they need," says Griswold.

Most importantly, they're also working to help women globally who don't have access to tampons.

To them, it's about education, open conversations, and giving back. S., over 50% of women have at some point in their life felt embarrassed about having their period, and that’s something that should never happen," says Markina.

"It’s natural, we've had it forever, it should not be something people are embarrassed to talk about." One way they're addressing this issue is through a blog dubbed The Owl, in which they publish articles about things like how to deal with period stains and debunking vagina myths.

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