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Figure 4.1 Is repeatedly accessing someone’s Facebook page stalking?

However, in several (unspecified) countries 15 to 20 percent of teenagers reported ‘a degree of unease’, or feeling uncomfortable or threatened online.[14] 4.14The Committee’s Are you safe?

Its usual goal is to create a sense of fear in the recipient based on control and intimidation.

Some adult predators pretend, by creating fake profiles with false ages and identities, to be a young person to befriend and gain the trust of young people online.[3] 4.4Young Australians appear unsure of what cyber-stalking involves. survey aged 13 years or older were asked if repeatedly accessing a stranger’s Facebook page is stalking.

The wealth of personal information and pictures online can potentially be used by individuals and sexual predators to identify, locate, contact, stalk and harass their victims.

More than half of victims and offenders did not have prior relationships, probably because of the ease of locating victims online.

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