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Agriculture, farming, fishing and other trades were developed as well. It fell into decay because of an invasion of the Huns.At the times of Kyivan Rus’ the Slavs built the city of Bilgorod on the place where an ancient Tyras used to be.To get to know Bilgorod-Dnistrovs’kyi closer you should visit its other places of interest.Since the Middle Age the Armenian Holy Dormition of Virgin Mary Church has been preserved.Since the time the Turks owned the fortress, it has been calling Akkerman meaning “white stone”.It is a unique building of 9 ha with several levels of defence and divided into four courts, where each had its own purpose, and the whole fortress is surrounded with a moat! Also you can visit the exhibition-museum on the territory of the Akkerman Fortress, where archeological excavations of an ancient Tyras and the fortress are presented.

In the 14 century the building of a powerful fortification was in question.

Bilgorod-Dnistrovs’kyi is one of the most ancient cities not only in Ukraine, but also in the world.

Its history numbers more than 2500 years, that’s why the city has many places of interest.

You’ll pass by a little resort town Zatoka, which is located on Budaks’ka Spit and an interesting city Shabo known as a center of wine-making in the south of Ukraine.

No doubts, the main places of interests that attract tourists are the Akkerman fortress, a defensive complex, and excavations of an ancient Greek city Tyras. Once Tyras was a great trade center, which used to be a connection bridge between East and West Europe. Tyras was located on the way of water trade routes of the Danube.

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Pieces of St Ioann Suchavs’kyi relics are kept there.

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