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In a 2007 television interview, Davis said, "Herbert Marcuse taught me that it was possible to be an academic, an activist, a scholar, and a revolutionary." She worked part-time to earn enough money to travel to France and Switzerland and attended the eighth World Festival of Youth and Students in Helsinki.

She returned home in 1963 to a Federal Bureau of Investigation interview about her attendance at the Communist-sponsored festival..

Writer, activist, and educator Angela Davis was born on January 26, 1944, in Birmingham, Alabama.

She grew up in a middle-class neighborhood dubbed "Dynamite Hill," due to many of the African-American homes in the area that were bombed by the Ku Klux Klan.

Outside of academia, Davis had become a strong supporter of three prison inmates of Soledad Prison known as the Soledad brothers (they were not related). Cluchette, Fleeta Drumgo and George Lester Jackson — were accused of killing a prison guard after several African-American inmates had been killed in a fight by another guard.

Some thought these prisoners were being used as scapegoats because of the political work within the prison.

Although moved by Carmichael's rhetoric, Davis was reportedly disappointed by her colleagues' She joined the Che-Lumumba Club, an all-black branch of the Communist Party USA named for international Communist sympathizers and leaders Che Guevara and Patrice Lumumba, of Cuba and the Congo, respectively.

Davis is best known as a radical African-American educator and activist for civil rights and other social issues.

She knew about racial prejudice from her experiences with discrimination growing up in Alabama.

She grieved deeply as she was personally acquainted with the victims.

Nearing completion of her degree in French, Davis realized her major interest was philosophy.

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