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Richards is revealed as a man of immense energy and diplomacy; the descriptions of the First Nations he encounters are remarkably unbiased for the time and his keen observations are a portal into the social and political life of Vancouver Island during these formative years of the colony.I argue that Kwakwaka’wakw beliefs connected to the summer ceremonial not only promoted salmon stewardship but that it was upon this belief system and the corresponding practices that the success of the famous winter ceremonial relied.With its myriad of relationships, my study considers the Laich-Kwil-Tach enlivened world in which multiple beings bring meaning and understanding to life.This article moves the discussion of the Kwakwaka’wakw ceremonial in a different direction.By considering the Kwakwaka’wakw summer ceremonial, its connection to salmon and traditional animistic beliefs, we begin to understand how Kwakwaka’wakw cosmology was sensitive to salmon ecology.

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Captain Richards’ journal is an account of three survey seasons on Vancouver Island aboard two British Navy ships, the HMS Plumper and the HMS Hecate.

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