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I brought this up to the local talk-radio host but the idea was dismissed.

Columbia Police Officer Mark Anthony was put on administrative leave, while he faces charges of domestic assault.The appearance of pineapple in Jon Benét's digestive tract along with the Ramseys' denial of having served it to her—and the use of pineapple by Spark in her novel—was the first mythic connection for me between the crime and a work of literature Patsy was known to have been intimately familiar with.A few pages more and the question of the spelling of "possession" came up in the novel.But when the autopsy report and ransom note were made public, I saw Patsy Paugh Ramsey, the former Miss West Virginia, as the perpetrator. For years I had been reading books on the psychological interpretation of mythology.From what I'd studied, many of the odd and seemingly incomprehensible aspects of the crime could be seen as having symbolic meaning known only to the offender.

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To offer a brief introduction for the unfamiliar, The Gits were formed in Ohio in the mid-1980s, and eventually relocated to Seattle to take advantage of the then-burgeoning early-’90s music scene.

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