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These included Gidget (1965-1966), The Flying Nun (1967-1970) and The Girl with something extra (1973-1974). The movie was a great hit and managed to top the box-office pushing behind even ‘Star Wars’. Talking of the film, Burt Reynolds said: Burt Reynolds and Sally Field had dated each other in the late 1970s for 5 years before they split in 1982. Sally Field had also acted in other movies during that time and had won several prestigious awards.

Her acting skills and talent were highly appreciated.

Burt Reynolds revealed to Closer Weekly recently that his 1977 hit movie ‘Smokey and the Bandit’ would have been different without his leading lady.

He gives the credit for the success of the movie to his co-star Sally Field.

He told Closer Weekly: Sally Field prefers to not talk much on this issue and on Burt Reynolds’ repeated proclamations.

When probed further and asked what she had to say to Burt Reynolds recent declarations that Sally is “the one that got away”, Sally Field just answered in 2 words.

During his high school years he was a popular guy with tons of friends.The 81-year-old was born to Fern and Burton Reynolds and based on his famous memoir that he had recently published, he had quite a complicated relationship with his parents, especially during his adolescence.In regards to his mom, the actor said that she was the one who made him become more in touch with his feelings, emotions, and imagination after she encouraged him to read more.When Burt and Sally first met, Burt too was a divorcee.He had separated from his first wife British actress Judy Carne with whom he was from 1963-1965.

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He suffered temporomandibular joint dysfunction which led to severe pain while chewing.

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