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Do not beat around the bush, do not ask them what they think, ask for the business.

So many people fail to do this and once they are out the door your chances of enrolling them decreases by 10-30%.11. Have a small house and you have 10 confirmed guests?

This could be a whole blog in itself but here are some quick tips. If you are going to text on your phone or check facebook during the meeting, sit where no one can see you as the guests may not know you are a teammate already. Do not talk about how you had guests that were supposed to come but cannot make it or how upset you will be if they do not make it. It makes the guests that did come feel like losers.6.

If this is your first home meeting, call it a grand opening. Do not let people know you do weekly meetings until they sign up.

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A packed room where people are standing is actually a great thing as it says you have something hot going on.12. If you are the home owner or an existing rep of the company, a home meeting is NOT the place to talk about anything negative.If you bought a franchise or started a restaurant, wouldn’t you hold a grand opening and invite all your friends and family and warm market? You never want to invite a prospect by telling them that you do the meeting every week.The reason is they will see that they have an unlimited amount of weeks to show up, every event is special, market it that way.8. If someone enrolls at a , go ahead and schedule their home meeting.The intro should be short and sweet and the closing should be a testament to how serious the person is about building the business and boldly passing out applications and encouraging people to sign up. Never, ever take a phone call in the house when a meeting is going on.5. Be super excited about the people that DID come rather than talk about those that did not make it.Keep in mind the guests are signing up with the home owner, not the upline leader.4. If you are supporting someone else’s home-based mlm business meeting and you are a guest, be respectful to them. Especially do not openly talk to the upline how you tried to get more people and express your disappointment.

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