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Then they hit your website, and it’s almost always going to take longer than that to find what they want.When they see a live chat button, it’s an exciting moment.Here’s your customer characteristics checklist: Question: Which countries do your best customers come from? Question: Which page on your site has access to a login/support/area where visitors can log in?Reason for the question: You don’t want to waste resources annoying your existing customers.And because the “add to cart” and “checkout sequence” is easier than trying to complete a transaction through a live chat agent, live chat reduces conversions. The easiest way to prove the ROI of chat is to capture leads from the conversations.Tracking uplift in signups and sales is a little trickier.Proactive live chat can distract users away from the buying experience by seducing them into a conversation.

In this post, I’m going to deep dive into the data science and psychology of a successful live chat install, one that increases conversions. Then the internet took off and put something called a website in the middle. There’s an argument that lots of money is being left on the table. Real humans have a way of talking to the people you drive to your website.

There was no increase in conversions, and in some cases a reduction. Statistics show that, on average, only 2% of website visitors convert to an enquiry or sale.

This won’t come as a surprise to many of you who have already tried live chat to increase leads (and save on customer service). Websites like Sane Box (which trialed our service when we founded) have tried live chat, and the data was conclusive.

Before we look at how to use the data, we need to understand who the right customer is.

The idea is to move mountains in order to talk to your best prospects but not talk to time wasters at all. Question: Which pages on your site are your best prospects likely to visit? Answer: We look at the leads generated via our platform, and we look at the page chat was initiated on.

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