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The blond bombshell confirmed it, but said that she wanted to go out on top.In what would be her final bout as a full-time WWE Diva, Trish Stratus challenged Lita for the WWE Women’s Championship at Unforgiven.The next night on Raw, Trish accompanied Test to ringside for his match against Val Venis.When The Big Valbowski attacked Test after the match, Albert ran down to take out the controversial Superstar. The WWE Universe hung on her every word as she introduced Test and Albert as her charges.A rivalry soon grew between her and Lita, the red-haired daredevil and associate of the beloved Hardy Boyz. In a thrilling act of retribution, the scorned bombshell helped the WWE Chairman’s son, Shane, defeat his father in a Street Fight at Wrestle Mania X-Seven.While she wasn’t a full-time competitor yet, there was still plenty of attention on the blond beauty. Mc Mahon, much to the chagrin of his daughter, Stephanie. Stratus soon dove into competition, regularly challenging for the WWE Women’s Title.Eventually, James’ hero worship began to border on obsession.Trish tried to let Mickie down gently, but the unstable Diva couldn’t handle the rejection, turning on her idol.

Eventually, Test was able to capitalize on the distraction and pick up the win, while Trish smiled from the ramp.Y2J’s tag team partner at the time, Christian, just happened to be courting Stratus’ on-again/off-again rival, Lita.Stratus had no reason to be suspicious of Jericho, until she overheard Y2J and Christian going over a bet they had made.After James defeated Trish for the Women’s Title at Wrestle Mania 22, Stratus found comfort in the arms of Carlito.The charismatic Superstar from the Caribbean wasn’t only a cool boyfriend, but he also ended up being a great tag team partner, too.

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In front of her hometown of Toronto, Trish forced Lita to tap out to the Sharpshooter to capture her seventh and final Women’s Title ( WATCH).

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