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Eventually, the woman’s sexual passions will ignite. I am not interested in that.– This is too much, too soon! It is a sin to get sexually stimulated before we are married.

In order to flee sexual lusts and to help others to whom we are not married flee sexual lusts, it is recommended that kissing and French kissing be avoided until the wedding day when the preacher announces the groom may kiss the bride. In Matthew Jesus said, How important is your obedience to God?

However, people do want to stop it, but because they had started it already, it becomes difficult to stop.

Kissing is also difficult to STOP when one engages in it and your imagination is very likely to wander and you may want to take it to the next stage (Physical touching, caressing, fingering, sex, oral sex, amongst others).

Remember, the Bible says in Matthew 5: 28 that, “” It is therefore impossible to kiss and, at the same time, refrain one’s imagination from running wild. Also, regularly reading relevant scriptures and articles in relation to staying pure in courtship would help.

The woman feels affection and feels loved at first. It takes them longer to be as sexually stimulated as their male partners. What is the correct meaning of fornication in the Bible?

But the man is immediately stimulated if the kissing is more than a quick one.

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If the couple is French kissing, his sexual stimulation will be extremely high almost instantly. Therefore, it is a sin if kissing between an unmarried couple results in starting the fire– sexual passion.

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