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If there were any doubts left over their relationship, these photos quickly put them to rest.September 2015: Shayk met Cooper’s mother, Gloria Campano, over Labor Day Weekend in 2015 as the trio hung out on the beach together in Atlantic City, New Jersey.Still, Jake agrees that they should be more receptive to new adventures, and that revelation couldn't come at a better time.Cooper invites them to his private concert, which is the perfect opportunity to prove that they're totally hip and not the crotchety aging millennials they've been coming across as.A week later, Shayk and Campano headed out in New York City for a walk with Cooper’s dog, Charlotte. News, “Irina is just so happy how things are going with Bradley.She adores his mother and they get along great.” together, even inviting both of their mothers to come along.According to , Cooper and Shayk were a little confused over what fork to use during the meal, but that didn’t stop them from enjoying the evening together.

Even so, the source reports that "things are not good." They said, "Neither one is happy.A charming sneak peek at the season finale finds Claire worried about being a boring suburbanite after the pair turned down an exciting invitation to mingle with celebrities."Last night, we got invited to a concert by the biggest pop star in music and instead, we stayed home and ranked the months of the year," she says in the video. To be fair, making the effort to dress up and venture outside feels like a herculean task these days, so their decision to chill at home is pretty relatable.But, even with the couple ditching the after show party together, as well as the photographic proof of a friendship between the two women, everyone is still focusing on those pesky love triangle rumors. On Monday evening, actor David Spade posted a screenshot of Gaga and Cooper’s Oscars performance, and asked his followers in the caption: “Is there any chance these 2 aren’t fucking? Is that a 'ha' as in “don’t be so ridiculous, David Spade," or is it a 'ha' as in “oh David Spade, if only you knew.” So many questions right now, and I have no idea what I'm even rooting for anymore.Cooper and Esposito were married back in 2006, before quickly divorcing just a year later.

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Lady Gaga's recent ex, Christian Carino, was however.

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