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These records come from former commandants, officers, enlisted personnel, civilians and their families.The Coast Guard Historian's Office photography collection is one of the largest collections of Coast Guard-related photography in the world.Thank you for your interest in donating artifacts or archival items to the U. Are you interested in donating an artifact (three dimensional items such as uniforms, swords, personnel effects, equipment, models, etc.) to the Coast Guard Heritage Asset Collection or archival items (personal or official papers, records, reports, letters, diaries, scrapbooks and photographs, etc.) to the Coast Guard Archives? This page lays out the criteria, requirements and processes that take place for the Coast Guard to accept donations related to the history, heritage and material culture of the Coast Guard.It is hoped that the coast guard will reduce cross-border crime and increase the country's intelligence gathering and information sharing ability.Partly to mitigate this loss, the Parliament of Kenya adopted the Coast Guard Act 2018, which established the Kenya Coast Guard Service.This collection also includes several thousand books, pamphlets, manuals, directives, instructions and newsletters that deal specifically with the Coast Guard or are Coast Guard publications.

The agency has representation in all major ocean ports in the country, including Kilifi, Malindi and Lamu.3) Condition and preservation needs: The object must be in fair condition.Curatorial Services must be able to store the item appropriately based on its materials, condition, and needs.The Kenya Coast Guard Service is a specialized maritime force of the Republic of Kenya, responsible for law enforcement on national waters, including on the oceans, lakes and rivers.The force is mandated to maintain maritime safety, security, pollution control and sanitation.

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