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The siblings had shared family stories with the screenwriters, but their contributions didn't make it into the film.

"When I first read the script, and Andy dies, I said, 'Who cares?

"At the end of every show, the audience was indeed let in on it all, and left feeling happy and satisfied that the up-and-down ride was all in fun and they were 'safe' the whole time."Carol tried rewatching with friends last August. "I found it to be the most, ugh, sappy…" she trails off.

"I mean, so sad.""Sad, meaningless life," Michael adds.

Sometimes he howled gibberish at his audience while pounding conga drums."Let's say he's here, right now, looking down," Hirsch says, referring to Kaufman. "Let's say you love somebody and they die," Carol says."And then Hollywood came along and said, 'We're going to recreate your sister, mother, whatever it is.' And you miss them so much, you so badly want to play along.And the person that was willing to do it wasn't so bad—they were trying their hardest, so they had their heart in it." Why not embrace that?came out in late 1999, Andy's siblings were crushed.

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Within a few years, she proved to be the best birthday present he could have imagined: a live audience. He even had a friend he would introduce onstage as his little sister." Michael, on the other hand, got closer with Andy during his career ascent, trading advice and sometimes joining in his performances. They watch in a pensive sort of trance, scribbling down notes on scraps of paper.

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