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, measures the distance between m and zero).

The properties of the resulting estimator will depend on the particular choice of the norm function, and therefore the theory of GMM considers an entire family of norms, defined as also asymptotically efficient.

Another important issue in implementation of minimization procedure is that the function is supposed to search through (possibly high-dimensional) parameter space Θ and find the value of θ which minimizes the objective function.

No generic recommendation for such procedure exists, it is a subject of its own field, numerical optimization.

Click to view Stata's latest blog post "Scheming your way to your favorite graph style".

The new forum is celebrating its first birthday, but it is a continuation of the old Statalist, so the tradition continues, but updated for the modern world, where everything happens more quickly.

Chemical sensors may have a lower limit of detection, for example. Written by Kristin Mac Donald, Director of Statistical Services, this post discusses how to transform graphs in Stata to get the style you want.

Our fifth annual Stata Winter School comprises a series of four separate short courses that allows the flexibility to attend one, a combination of or all courses consecutively.

The individual courses will cover: Data Management, Data Visualisation, Panel Data and Regression Models using Stata.

The courses that comprise this year's Stata Autumn School are - Introduction to Bayesian Analysis, Multivariate Analysis and Unsupervised Learning, Analysis of Multilevel and Longitudinal data, Dealing with missing data, Network Meta-analysis and Structural Equation Modelling 28-29 July, University of Cambridge Forming part of our Econometrics Summer School, this short course is delivered by Dr. Topics covered will include: the ordinary linear regression model, instrumental variables, generalised method of moments, and introduction to Machine Learning Methods for Big Data, fixed and random effects estimators for static panel data, dynamic panel data models, models of binary choice, and if there is time an introduction to Bayesian Econometrics.

4-7 November 2019, London This 4-day course focuses on practical programming needs arising when dealing with large datasets, multiple data sources and the programming tools which may help in routinising complex tasks and automating pieces of your work.

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