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In search of peace when the war ended, the family moved to Petrinja, some 60 kilometres southeast of Zagreb. Tragedy continued to haunt her even in peacetime: last year, her daughter was killed in a car accident.Of all the Yugoslav war victims, those who faced sexual violence have suffered the worst neglect.Only 147 cases have been recognised, and the vast majority of crimes remain unreported.This month, the government announced its backing for legislation, set to be voted in May, entitling victims to a one-time compensation payment of up to €20,000, a €320 allowance, health care, psychological counselling and legal aid.“Until now, victims have had to deal with their own trauma privately.Now, they will finally be seen by society,” says Marija Sliskovic, who runs Women in the Homeland, an NGO that has been advocating for rape victims’ rights since 2010, and helping them to heal.“I was raped and I want the people who did it to be punished,” she said.`Nashville Pussy` are a Rock n Roll / Southern Rock band from America formed in 1997.

In November 1991, after a harrowing three-month siege, ethnically mixed Vukovar fell to Serb forces and some 22,000 non-Serbs were expelled.‘Better late than never’ For Horvatinec, “it’s better late than never”.Home to Croatia’s biggest river port, Vukovar was the scene of one of the darkest chapters of the 1990s Balkan wars.The rapists “were people I knew”, said the 65-year-old.Between 1,500 and 2,200 people, most of them women, suffered rape and other severe forms of sexual violence during the Croatia war, the UN says.

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They were then briefly transferred to a camp in Serbia.

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