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Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has more or less been in the same boat after dating one prominent actress for a few years.

When Rodgers and Patrick met, it seemed they had a lot more in common than just splits with prominent people.

The normally inseparable couple wasn’t in evidence at the recent NASCAR awards, to which Stenhouse showed up solo.

The ESPN piece doesn’t say it in so many words, but it definitely leads one to wonder whether different life goals may have been the issue.

Yet, Patrick soon calmed things by divorcing Hospenthal in 2013. People have blamed Olivia Munn for Aaron Rodgers' family drama, but she's clearing up a few things: "He hadn't spoken to the parents and one brother for like eight months before we started dating." https://t.co/Tgwkto UG3R— E!

News (@enews) May 23, 2018 It seemed for a while that Rodgers was going to stay a bachelor until he met actress Olivia Munn in 2014.

Stenhouse returns to the NASCAR Cup Series fray in 2018 on the heels of his best season yet, one that saw him win multiple races and earn a playoff berth.

Patrick, on the other hand, was unceremoniously dropped from the Stewart-Haas Racing lineup, and while she announced a plan to run the Daytona 500 and Indianapolis 500 before retiring from racing, she so far hasn’t been able to line up rides for either race. In any case, it will be different not seeing the two of them together, especially if Stenhouse makes it to Victory Lane again.

NASCAR icon Danica Patrick has long been under the spotlight about her love life after one nasty divorce, then dating another man soon after.

Like in a lot of romantic films, things get in the way before realizing you’re simpatico.

When they started dating early last year, everyone was likely skeptical two sports superstars could make it work in the public eye.

Now honing in on a year in their dating life, let’s hope we see Patrick and Rodgers succeed.

Nobody wants to see appealing sports stars like them go through endless relationship problems.

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