Dating a physically disabled person

But you know, I’m sure – if our relationship is meant to be ‒ we’ll figure it out, just like anything in any relationship.Do a bit less walking, a bit more taking the train or car. Disability is just not a dealbreaker for me in the same way someone being rude to me would be.

I recalled how, the day before, I was texting my two best friends about how I could destroy the pants without getting blamed for it. You get used to it and life moves on.[1] He has returned to biking. Just start getting ready to leave and I'll call you back in a few minutes when you should leave. I had his password to Find My i Phone from which I was able to get his location and I headed over that way. I decided that waiting for him to call me back was stupid and that I would just leave now.Here's the thing though: they were calling me from his phone, which has a password on it, so they must have talked to him.Why didn't he tell them that he'd already called me? Anyway, I head over to where he is, wondering how I was even going to find him.

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