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I stand behind the table I’ve set my wares upon, and happily enough, folks are coming by with cash in hand.

They’re a little intoxicated, they’ve laughed, it’s a perfect combination for me to help them part with a portion of their paycheck. ” “Yes,” she responds with a sad smile, giving me pause. I quickly realize my phone is in my right hand, set it down, and smilingly extend a greeting her way.

I have flown over mountaintops in open-door helicopters, the air so frigid I began to turn numb.

“No…” she explains, and offers her left hand yet again. It is the release of air, one combined with a sinking feeling and accompanied by the words “Shit” or “My God.” On her wrist is a small, black metallic band. I tell tales of my nine tours overseas to provide laughter to the men and women serving in places like Iraq and Afghanistan. That humans are selfish is no secret; I was in Iraq in 2009.

You never know who’ll be in the audience.” Those words are sounding inside me as I stare uncomfortably at the doe-eyed woman I have been conversing with.

A petite 5-foot-nothing, she is charmingly pretty, and starting to tear up as she struggles to express herself.

I am telling my wife of the competition, and she shoots the quote opened this blurb my way.

I smile into the phone and tell her that no matter what happens, I’m OK with it.

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