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[wp_ad_camp_2] I went for breakfast with my friend Ahmed Buhazza to an old 1920’s coffee shop, which had its walls lined with the photos of Arab Leaders, both from the present and from the past. I had the opportunity to experience a world class oriental meal at fine dining establishment, street grilled beef tikka, a traditional home made Nasi Mandy (Arab rice with roasted lamb) and the most succulent and perfectly spiced minced chicken shish kebab at an Iranian restaurant. [wp_ad_camp_2] Bahrain has its own version of Mc Donad’s, perfectly entitled as Jasmin’s, where they serve only halal fast food and are open 24h00.Check out their website at : The best one for me is that alcohol is widely available, being widely consumed by the Arab population. Wait until you check out the Salsa Dancing scene in the bars and clubs in Bahrain.Focusing on engineering, Bahrain has had its first female chemical engineer and architect in 1977, the first civil engineer in 1978, the first electrical engineer in 1979, the first computer engineer in 1984, mechanical engineer in 1985, and the first aviation engineer in the fields of engineering alongside 181 men, a steady and strong increase over the years.The Qal’at al Bahrain fortress, built by the Portuguese, along with the Bahrain Pearling Trail is both Heritage Sites recognized by UNESCO.[wp_ad_camp_2] They even have the only museum in the world entirely dedicated to the Quran – Beit Al Qur’an, where you can see the entire surahs (chapters of the Qur’an) engraves in rice and peas from the 14 century.

I feel that I need to state that what I just mentioned before would be unimaginable in other Arab Nations like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Yemen.If anybody had ever told me that a in one of Bahrain’s sky bars, a man wearing a thawb, a ghutrah and an agal would lecture me on the differences between new and old world wines, I would say that they were crazy. Check out all the salsa venues at the Time Out edition of Bahrain.Well certainly enough it happened before my eyes, and I have to say that when money is not an object, one can certainly fine tune their palate to the flavours and bouquets of world’s finest wines. This being said, and the main reason why Tourism is one of the main drivers of the Bahraini economy, is that every weekend almost 100.000 Saudis cross the King Fahd Causeway to enjoy Bahrain’s liberty and freedom for their own.For those of you that are not familiar with the Islamic kingdom of Bahrain, it is a little island in the Persian Gulf, bordering Saudi Arabia on the left and Qatar on the right. This being said, Bahrain is not like any other Arab Nation. Firstly Islamic laws and regulations in Bahrain are a lot more relaxed than in other countries, and secondly, Bahrain’s culture and heritage date back to millennia and, besides being once a British Protectorate, it was also settled by the Portuguese during the Discovery Ages. [wp_ad_camp_2] Most people know it only for being the place where the Tree of Life is located or where Bernie Eclestone organizes a F1 Grand Prix every April.

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