Dating coach in sydney

We have synthesised a program that enables a man to confidently attract beautiful woman without using any routines or gimmicks.

When I first started the journey of attracting woman, I was extremely shy, and I didn’t have anyone that I could share my stories with.

As an extrovert/introvert, I had a group of close friends.

“If I hadn’t done the Bootcamp I probably would have killed myself. Instead my business is booming and I’m dating a gorgeous, intelligent Dutch girl who is madly in love with me.” “I was often insecure, nervous and anxious around women.

So, for a long time I was spinning my wheels and not getting anywhere.

I knew what I wanted because these gorgeous women were around me all the time, but I just didn’t know how to attract them.

This unbearable hurt ignited James’ competitive instinct and he began a painful, but exhilarating journey from a one time 27 year old virgin to dating professional models and having girlfriends from over 30 countries.

Since 2009 we have helped hundreds of men through one-on-one coaching and on our Breakthrough Bootcamps, thousands of men through our live Workshops and over a million men online to meet, date and attract the women they really want.

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If you’re in Sydney and you're struggling to meet women, and you want to create the dating life that inspires you, then Manic Workshops coaching sessions will show you step by step exactly how to go about meeting the women that you want to date.

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