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But if you're fighting about this issue, one thing is true: your partner wants to be around you."One type of fight that can be a sign of hope is when one partner complains that they want the other partner home more," health and wellness coach Caleb Backe tells Bustle.While it's important to avoid being codependent on each other, and keep in mind that people need different amounts of alone time, opening up the conversation to spending more time together may be a healthy thing.In a less-than-healthy couple, partners may not feel comfortable enough sharing their feelings up front, especially if they're negative ones.So if you and your partner have been having fights after coming to each other with concrete examples of how you've been affected by one another's actions, that may actually be a good sign."Strong couples feel safe in sharing when their love hurt their feelings," Kester says.And there are certain types of arguments in a relationship that are a major indicator that you're with the right person, even if you aren't quite sure yet.Experts are used to concerns about arguments, and are there to help you parse out what your conflicts mean for the bigger picture.

"[...] Again, it's about how you have the discussion." If you have a respectful, curious partner who is willing to work through these issues with you, you're likely on the right track.It's important that neither partner tries to control who the other hangs out with, but you can set boundaries with each other." Again, when it comes to having a health relationship, it's all about how you argue.If your partner is lovingly approaching friend-group conflict, they may just be trying to figure out a new status quo now that they're in a relationship.If the relationship wasn’t important, it wouldn’t matter so much." Of course, it's important to take every step in the relationship on your own terms, but if your partner wants you to meet their family, it's likely a sign that they're serious about you, and really care. And it may seems counter-intuitive, but sometimes the strongest couples clash over the most serious topics."If the relationship is strong, the couple will be able to tolerate disagreements of all types but will be especially well-equipped to handle bigger, heavier topics," Dr. So even if you're having second thoughts, healthy, loving arguments can be a sign you're on the right track.

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[On the other hand,] healthy partnerships are able to survive even big conflict.

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