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Is this relationship starting out the same as all your other relationships that started out with a bang, then crashed and burned?You will do yourself a big service if you take some time to learn the lessons of your past relationships before you rush into a new one. The people who know you best probably have a good grasp on how you handle relationships.If this is a habit of yours, and you know it, and you're still rushing in to a new relationship, be honest with the person you're dating. If they're coming to you with concerns, it might be in your best interest to listen to them.Odds are, they care about you and aren't trying to ruin your happiness.I'm kind of an expert on relationships that move too fast.If I'm being all the way honest, in the lesbian community, we're pretty famous for going from friends to forever in the time it takes to make a "you're the love of my life" playlist. I mean, the stereotype is called U-Hauling, and it happens, but of course it's not something all lesbians do.

It's that fun, butterflies, and warm fuzzies time in a new relationship that's so wonderful.

You have a couple great dates, and next think you know, all of your stuff is in boxes and all of your sentences start with "we..." You probably have just as many people raising their eyebrows as you do wishing you well.

That's because you can't really know someone, I mean really know them, after a couple of dates. Telling each other you want to spend your whole lives together, before you've even experienced all the seasons together?

Because relationships should only add to your life, not complete it.

If you're guilty of the above, it may be time for an intervention.

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Because any relationship worth having is worth doing right.

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