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Supermatic Citation Model 107 (Lot: 381) The High Standard Supermatic pistols have excellent and adjustable triggers on many models and have acquired a reputation as accurate and dependable pistols.

If you have one at home you might just want to dust it off and spend some time re-discovering it.

Introduced in 1962, the High Standard D-100 and the later D-101 & DM-101 are hammerless, double-action derringers with half-trigger-guards and break actions.

These double-barrel derringers were chambered for .22 Long Rifle and .22 Magnum and were available in blued, nickel, silver, and gold plated finishes. In 1968, the company was acquired by the Leisure Group.

The first shipments of Houston manufactured pistols began in March 1994.

The High Standard HDM is a modified High Standard HD model semiautomatic target pistol equipped with an integral sound suppressor.

The Supermatic was set up for the ISSF Standard Pistol Match with a bull barrel and regulation 1,000gram trigger pull. High Standard’s original factory was in Hamden, Connecticut but this factory burned to the ground in the mid seventies forcing the move to Hartford, Connecticut.Lovell, the company also developed a silent, flashless pistol for use by OSS agents behind enemy lines.An example of the pistol can be seen at the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Presidential Library in Hyde Park, New York.The target pistols usually have the rear sight mounted on an extension piece mounted directly onto the frame and not on the slide.This can be seen in the diagram above as part #10942.

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