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One became a tech millionaire, another was a space physicist, and so on. I just grew up in an environment filled with some of the smartest human beings on earth. I respected her drive, and was happy to let her keep doing her thing. But having to match and cater to all those varieties of complexity can be challenging. So I’m going to tell you how the cow eats the cabbage. Her interests outside of space physics were in meditation retreats, skiing (at a very deliberate, in-control pace—no hot-dogging, believe me), and literature. As if their retort to an off-hand comment, tossed off for a cheap laugh, needs to be well-balanced and discriminately measured. But I have to cleanse my palate with a film like John Wick, which is fucking brilliant, but is really just the story of a man who is very good at shooting other men in the head. You’d bring up an idea, or a book you read, or a movie you thought was interesting, and she’d look at you like you were a fucking bug. But she’s a game-changer and an “influencer,” so what can I say about it?academically intelligent men don’t know how to be successful with women.This is simply an example of one type of guy and in this case, it’s the cliche “Math Genius” who is good with numbers, but not girls.

Female equality became a reality in the 20th century when women obtained their right to vote.

These are the drawbacks to dating a highly intelligent person.

On the bright side, when they elect to study and work on their shortcomings they can often overcome them easier than unintelligent people.

Even average women who don’t have a degree or private business won’t consider women to be unworthy of intelligence and wisdom.

Therefore, a man who thinks that women shouldn’t be intelligent would most certainly fail in any kind of relationship.

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They can work the same shifts, do the same work, and even compete with men in all kinds of different activities.

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  1. We also suffer from a cultural hangover, with images of ‘AIDS’ emblazoned across tombstones on TV or photographs of Princess Diana shaking hands with patients in the newspapers seared into our collective memory.