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Cute lesbians who listen to Mirah or The Blow, or watch good lesbian web series. My name is Rebecca, people tend to call me Rebecca or Becky depending on how they meet me.

I recently graduated from Green Mountain College with a degree in psychology and am looking for work in my field.

What characteristics I value in myself and look for in a partner are confident, down-to-earth, and quirky. I'm easy-going with an exceptional sense of humor; ya gotta have I am from Maine, recent transplant to Vermont for work. I enjoy conversation with friends I am a 31 yr old woman living in Northern Vermont.

I am laid back and in to holistic an natural health.

Dating in the digital age is a catch-22 — which, come to think of it, would make a great name for a dating app. Keep going, please." After he finished waxing my brows and trimming my hair, he told me he was too tired to hang out. I like to think that he went home that night and stared out a window, drinking and reflecting on how he's not the cosmetologist he thought he was.

To help us make sense of it all — or at least learn to laugh about it — we asked some of our favorite Vermont comedians and a few select expats to share their tales from the dating trenches. One time, I was supposed to go on a date with a salon owner in the greater Burlington area. It was hard to stay mad because, to be honest, he did a really good job.

I moved in with my dad and I am a genderqueer person who likes to work, relax, be alone, and be with others.

I love it here anyway, so it's all good :) Live and work in Burlington.I am on here for friends and casual encounters but who knows what can happen! and i am looking for someone that i can get to know, and have fun with.I am a very picky person when it comes to other people. I also like moonlit walks on the beach about me single 46year old , average build ,blue eyes shoulderlenth hair . I'm 5'6 with black Im looking for a stud who can deal with me being a welder. If you cant honest,caring,trustworthy don´t bother to bother me.Also, with dating apps catering to every possible demographic, taste and fetish, there has never been a worse time to be single and dating.For all the problems technology solves for those looking for love, dating apps such as Tinder, Bumble, Hinge — and the 14 new ones invented in the time it took to write this sentence — create at least as many new obstacles and complications. I failed because he had well-defined abs that I'd seen pictures of but never got to see in real life. He was obviously trying to turn me into something bangable, but, tragically for both of us, he fell short.

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  1. Facebook will help you keep tabs on your friends’ children, careers and concerts, but it won’t tell you when your freshman year college roommate is at the cafe just around the corner, and it can’t let you know that that stranger at a cocktail party is actually your sister’s best friend.