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Speaking of feelings, when you review the state of your living space, be willing to consider how you’d like to feel with your future partner. Essentially, in our highest energy, our partners reflect the best that’s in us, which means we have an open invitation to do it for ourselves. You’ll need to tread carefully and follow these tips so everyone will have a wonderful time at your wedding.Anyone Who’s Married Although we love to break some traditional rules, it’s always best to invite both parties in a married couple, even if you’re closer with one person than the other, or if you’ve never even met someone’s spouse.While you can use your judgment with couples who’ve been dating over a year—say, your 16-year-old cousin and his girlfriend—you and your partner should be able to tell if it’s a serious relationship.If not, err on the side of caution and give them a plus-one.If what you want is a confident, relatively happy partner who adores you and stays in good physical shape, you won’t register on that person’s radar if you’re rumpled awkwardly in the corner, hungry from a lack of proper food in the fridge, tired from wrestling with dirty clothes during sleep and pinched in your last clean pair of panties.

Learning to love my space inspired me to treat differently in the process. And even if I didn’t feel so great, my home was a welcome refuge that cocooned me in loving energy when it seemed hard to muster on my own.Think about it—would you want to attend a wedding without your spouse?It’s polite to acknowledge that even though you’ve never met your aunt’s new husband or your future father-in-law’s boss’s wife, you respect their union.Doing so will help you get clear on what you want to bring into your life—and what needs to be cleared out if it. It will speak volumes on the state of your mind, body and spirit, not to mention the possibilities for your love life. Do you drink more from old mayo jars and salad dressing bottles than actual glasses? Is your kitchen table cluttered with papers you’ve been meaning to address? The kitchen is where we prepare the fuel that nourishes our bodies, and it’s important to make the mealtime one that feels good all around. If your bathroom is dirtier than clean, then it shouldn’t come as a surprise if your hygiene starts to slip, too.When’s the last time you sat down to eat your own home cooking? And if you’re looking for love and intimacy, cleanliness will get you a whole lot closer to a partner than showing up in an actual or figurative funk.

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