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I had never considered the idea that being polyamorous could be self One night shortly after that, my dog’s stomach was upset and he woke me up four times in the middle of the night begging to go outside.

Afterwards, I was surprised to realize I hadn’t been at all angry with him for making me go outside in the middle of the polar vortex—all I cared about was that he was OK.

And I wondered if I could translate that to my other—read: human—relationships.

When I got up to leave, Sam told her he was going to walk me home.Still, we lived close to one another, so we began meeting up on park benches and having long conversations about the complexity of love and marriage.As my interest in him grew, so did my intrigue in the arrangement he had proposed.Finding one in which they called another woman “gorgeous” made my heart sink into my stomach, and watching them flirt with someone better-looking than me made me feel like an old sack of potatoes.It was never enough for me to be beautiful and loved.

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