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He is unfailingly kind and generous to me, my family, and those around him. My work is meaningful, it pays well, and I would do it whether or not I needed the money.Other people, however, are not okay with this setup.Read Also: I’m 8 months older & bigger than my boyfriend, Is it a problem Unfortunately, it looks as though it’s only married men who find interest in me and even want to marry me at all cost. I can say categorically that you and this man you’ve dated for a while now are not compatible.I really don’t want to get married to the uneducated man because we really don’t flow. Please, he didn’t train me in university o, my siblings did. The two factors – you’re educated and he’s not; you’re a christian and he’s not – are major game changers in any relationship.And my mother has often expressed her regret and dismay that she married my father and became the de facto breadwinner.My mother was a member of a generation of women trapped between traditional gender roles and a changing economy, and while she continued to take on most household and child-rearing responsibilities, she also took on the role of breadwinner.She encouraged me to pursue my own education, but also not to settle for a partner who didn’t earn enough so I could stay home while my children were young.

My father is a self-employed contractor who often found himself sitting around at home when business was slow (and in the nineties, business was slow a ).

We met at the electronics store we both worked at part-time while we were in school.

Five years later, he still works there, now full-time.

hen I tell someone I don’t know well that I’m engaged, the first question they ask is, “What’s his name? ” When I answer that he works in the warehouse of a big-box electronics store, they usually ask, “Oh, is he in school?

” My doctor, my professors, that chick who sat next to me in the class I can’t remember—none of them seem satisfied to hear that he works in a job that is neither meaningful nor pays well.

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