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Acts 22:3 reveals that Paul was born “Saul” in Tarsus, which is in SE Asia Minor.

While we know that Paul was a citizen of this city, Acts Paul tells us that he was also a Roman citizen by birth.

Acts 22:3-5Despite his beginnings, God desired to use this man to spread the Gospel throughout the region.

On his way to Demsascus to arrest Christian believers, Christ appeared to Paul, spoke to him, and Paul was blinded.

D., due to his staying in Corinth 18 months (Acts ).

Piecing together the chronology of these journeys and other events in Paul’s life involves several difficulties.

His own epistles do not provide clear chronological markers for us to use in dating all of the events described.

An example of Acts’ importance is seen when dating Paul’s appearance before Gallio, a Roman proconsul of Achaia.

After correlating the events mentioned by both Luke and Paul, scholars are able to seek out extra-Biblical information in determining a date for this event.

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