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This article surveys some of the philosophical problems raised by the various ways in which religion and politics may intersect.

The first two main sections are devoted to topics that have been important in previous eras, especially the early modern era, although in both sections there is discussion of analogs to these topics that are more pressing for contemporary political thought: (1) establishment of a church or faith versus complete separation of church and state; and (2) toleration versus coercion of religious belief, and current conflicts between religious practice and political authority.

Brad Pitt grew up in Missouri with two devout Baptist parents. But he's since said religion doesn't do it for him. One of the things Pitt would most like to see is the legalization of marijuana in the U. He’s said: Shouldn’t the argument be, what’s not good enough for us is not good enough for them?

He's supported the last two Democratic presidential candidates, spoken out about U. wars, championed environmental, poverty, and legal marijuana causes. And then you’re told ‘Well, it’s God’s will.’ I got my issues. Politically, Pitt has spoken out about quite a few causes, almost all of them associated with the liberal left. He’d like to see the end of their exploitation and a more “one world, one standard” approach to politics.

Similarly, liberals often argue that fairness precludes devoting tax revenues to religious groups because doing so amounts to forcing non-believers to subsidize religions that they reject.

A different approach for liberals is to appeal directly to the right to practice one’s religion, which is derivable from a more general right to freedom of conscience.

Contemporary liberals typically appeal to the value of fairness.

Thus, it is probably inevitable that religious commitments will sometimes come into conflict with the demands of politics.

I grew up with Christianity and I remember questioning it greatly. Some things did…I grew up being told God is going to take care of everything and it doesn’t always work out that way. Pitt’s really concerned about the environment and the living conditions in third-world countries.

Pitt has taken on many causes of far greater concern than teenagers getting baked in their parents’ basements without fear of legal consequences.

This cohesion in turn is dependent on a substantial amount of cultural homogeneity, especially with respect to adherence to certain values.

One way of ensuring this kind of homogeneity is to enact one of the forms of establishment mentioned above, such as displaying religious symbols in political buildings and monuments, or by including references to a particular religion in political ceremonies.

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