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Located along Russia's Asiatic border with China, southeast of the main Siberian land mass, the Amur River Basin - the fourth largest in the world - has a monsoon climate and a wetland ecology based on marshes, lakes, ponds and numerous other watercourses.Fish of all types are plentiful, and vegetation abundant.

Later, meander patterns were incorporated into the decoration.For more about European developments at this time, see: Cave Art (40,000-10,000 BC).Like most very ancient pottery in East Asia, the emergence of Amur River Basin ceramics was not linked in any way with farming or agriculture.During the Late Paleolithic, after the Ice receded, the Amur and its tributaries would have functioned as important waterways ("cultural highways") along which people would have moved, traded and exchanged artistic traditions, just as they do today.During the Neolithic, in particular, the Amur connected the Pacific coast with the Siberian interior, while the whole Amur River Basin was a region where traders from China and Central Asia brought agricultural produce, livestock, trinkets and pottery to the Siberian borderlands.

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For the development of ceramics in Asia, see Chinese Art Timeline (from 18,000 BCE).

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