Dating service started in 1964

You'll find Schlitz cans with copyright dates of 1946, 1949, 1954, 1957, 1958, 1960, 19 and dates afterwards.

Look along the seam for the year on most Schlitz cans.

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This does not mean that the can is from that year (a mistake I've seen on e Bay) but only that the label design was copyrighted then. If you see a can with "Copyright 1946" on it, then you know it does not date earlier than that.

Schlitz cans are the exception as they were especially good with copyright dates because they redesigned their cans every couple of years.

Unfortunately I do not have the data needed to date a can by its state tax stamp. Sometime when a brewery closed another brewery would purchase its brand names and the new owner continued to use the old brewery name.

Look and see if there is a tax statement on the can, along the lines of "Internal Revenue Tax Paid" or "Withdrawn Free of Internal Revenue Tax" if so, then the can dates before March 1950.

Before that date brewers had to include a tax statement.

This will indicate either the date the can was filled, or the date the beer was brewed before, so you have a good idea of about when your can was produced and sold. This applies to the year the label design was copyrighted and it can be misleading.

For example, Olympia cans show a copyright date from well before Prohibition.

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