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Osobennosti prochteniia teksta kul'tury [Features of the cultural text s reading].

Vestnik Piatigorskogo gosudarstvennogo lingvisticheskogo universiteta, 2014, no 3, pp.

Kul'turologicheskii potentsial kategorii "tekst kul'tury" [Culturological potential of the category "text of culture"].

Fundamental'nye issledovaniia, 2013, no 10-5, pp.

Available at: ogegova/278000 (accessed 09 August 2016).

Aikhenval'da v dooktiabr'skii period: osobennosti mirovozzreniia i literaturnoi kritiki [The work of Y. Eichenwald in the pre-revolutionary period: the nature of philosophy and literary criticism].

Available at: ogegova/230598 (accessed 09 July 2016). (In Russian) 6 Kak mogla by vygliadet' Venera, bud' u nee ruki: 3D replika statui s veretenom v rukakh [How would Venus look like if she had arms: a 3D replica of the statue with a spindle in her hands]. Nagota v iskusstv [Nudity in art], translation from English by M. Montazh i problema "prostranstvo-vremia" [Installation and the problem of "space-time"]. Vestnik elektronnykh i pechatnykh SMI [Academy of the media industry. Innovatsiia i povtorenie: Mezhdu estetikoi moderna i postmoderna [Innovation and repetition: Between the aesthetics of modernity and postmodernity]. sbornik perevodov i referatov [Philosophy in the postmodern era: a collection of translations and abstracts], compiled by A.

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