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Not one of all the LORD's good promises to the house of Israel failed; every one was fulfilled." (, 45) While scholars place the Exodus and the Conquest in the Late Bronze Age, they argue whether to accept the "early date" of the Conquest (about 1447 BC) vs.

Another form of the name is Hoshea, the name of one of the prophets whose prophecy is found in the book of Hosea.

In the e-book “Books That Changed My Mind,” which further explains his reflections, Harris says, Regardless of how my book has affected the way a subgroup of Christians approached relationships, there are massive sociological and technological shifts taking place and making modern romance complex.

In other words, the rise of singleness and the delay of marriage has not been caused by my book!

He also recognizes that there are some people who have benefited from it, for which he’s thankful.

More of his journey and change of heart will be explained in a documentary slated to release next month.

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