Dating with an expiration date

I got together with my husband precisely one year before we graduated with our MBAs.

We made the decision to only look for jobs in the same city.

I like change, I’m open to new experiences, and I’m strong.

In middle age, I want to claim that all the big chances paid off well – but perhaps I’ve conveniently forgotten the failures over the years.

In any case, I say err on the side of What is the worst thing than can happen if you get involved with someone during the months or year before you leave?

Clearly, the worst case is that you fall mutually head over heels in love, feel certain that you’ve found “the one,” and have to separate. You fall mutually head over heels in love, feel certain that you’ve found “the one,” and have to separate. So the question is this: Is falling HOH for someone when you have to separate at some future point better than sitting at home in your room? If you did not have to move away at some future date, your relationship could still end tragically and suddenly in any number of ways.

Choosing NY made the search a bit easier, but not easy.

We both turned down phenomenal offers that would have separated us and took jobs that initially paid less.

You have two choices: search for a safer, longer-lasting product, or say “YOLO” and gobble up that spicy salad with no regrets.But what if that lunch was actually a relationship?What if the sea of viable options was actually “the other fish in the sea” and the enticing (but quickly expiring) salad was really a relationship with a set expiration date?Now, I’m no psychologist here, but do you see any correlation between your wild or not so wild meal choices?As a survivor of relationships with known expiration dates (and food poisoning), I prefer to chance the situation and let the chips fall where they may, even if I’m picking up my heart after.

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But by the time women reach their mid-20s, the stakes feel higher.

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