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It looks outdated compared to other mobile devices of that time.But it beautifully serves the purpose it was designed for: read books conveniently and without any distractions.And while there's certainly something irreplaceable about curling up with a good hardcover or paperback, nothing beats the convenience of a digital device when it comes to size and browsing for new books – but with a dedicated ebook reader, you can arguably have the advantages of both.By design, they're a simpler device made for the singular purpose of reading – and they have advantages too, such as batteries that last weeks rather than hours, and much-clearer legibility in direct sunlight.

Adopting a similar asymmetrical design to the latter, the Forma provides a significantly wider bezel on one side in order to make it more comfortable for prolonged one-handed holding.Here are the best ebook readers you can buy today: Just how premium will ebook readers get before people stop buying them?That’s a question that market-leaders Amazon and Kobo have both been testing over the last couple of years, releasing bigger and more full-featured devices at ever-more-expensive price points.Compare the two side-by-side and it’s immediately apparent that the Kobo's build quality isn’t as premium as on its Kindle counterpart.In place of the Oasis’s slick aluminium chassis (which gives it a somewhat i Pad-like exterior) the Forma has opted for a more standard soft-touch plastic casing that's dimpled on the back side.

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