Dumb dating advice

That doesnt mean you go to the ends of the earth to please anyone; just that you work well with others, and when others dont, you dont play some dumb game of accepting the abuse.

3) Not learning how the game is played (winging it) Trust me, dating is a game.

Unfortunately for many guys, they dont know that women already have them figured out and they try it anyway.

Then, they go through heartbreak after heartbreak watching these women date other guys and never get their chance.

5) Waiting too long before asking for help I get so many letters from guys after theyve destroyed any chance they had with some girl.

In fact, it often isnt learned through just dating either as many of the things youd expect were true just arent.

And being the experts at relationships, women love this fact!

4) Not watching womens signals Dumb men dont understand that women throw signals all the time.

The dumbest men think that these signals are obvious and that they dont have to make any special effort to recognize them. Women have evolved a very large array of signals that they use to tell men their interest or lack thereof.

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